License Renewal Hearing Scheduled for Wind Creek Casino

License Renewal Hearing Scheduled for Wind Creek Casino
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Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino has had its license renewal hearing date set for June 27; the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) announced in a public statement. Players who are worried about their favorite casino’s future in the Keystone State don’t need to stress though. The hearing is mostly considered a formality and, barring any major red flags, operators tend to have their licenses renewed as a matter of course.

Will Recent Underaged Gambling Affect License Renewals?

That said, Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino recently came in for a whopping $125,000 fine for several incidents of underaged gambling. The PGCB is known to take such occurrences very seriously, as evidenced by the size of the fine, which has left some wondering whether this will have an impact on the license renewal hearing.

Moreover, the public is invited to attend such hearings, and community groups, organizations and individuals can even submit any testimony that has a bearing on the renewal. Moreover, it is totally up to the applicant - in this case Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino - to prove its eligibility and suitability for a gambling license.

That said, Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino has built a strong and positive presence within the Pennsylvania community, and it’s highly unlikely that a handful of isolated incidents would have done anything to ruin the goodwill the operator has built throughout these years. All this considered, we look forward to congratulating Wind Creek on a successful renewal!