Wyoming Online Casino Bill Dies In House

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Wyoming Online Casino Bill Dies In House
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Shortly afterbeing filed, a bill (House Bill 120) to legalize online casinos in Wyoming has failed, as the state’s House of Representatives voted 25-36-1 to not take up legislation this year. 

If passed, HB 120 would have allowed anyone older than 18 to play legal online casino games. Operators would have been taxed at 10%, and up to five interactive gaming operator licenses would have been available. The state’s sports betting market is home to BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel

The legislative effort faced an uphill battle, given the state’s short legislative session and the need for two-thirds House approval for a bill to move forward. Wyoming’s session lasts just 20 days in even-numbered years but is longer in odd-numbered years. 

It’s possible that legislation to bring mobile casino apps to Wyoming will receive stronger consideration in 2025. Wyoming’s path to sports betting legalization followed a similar pattern, with a bill getting shot down in 2020 before a 2021 effort proved successful.