Jackpocket lottery app launches in New Jersey

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Jackpocket lottery app launches in New Jersey
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Jackpocket has launched on the Google Play Store in New Jersey, offering Android consumers a more secure way of playing the official state lottery.

The company, which is the first licensed third-party lottery app in the US, launched in 2019, but has now expanded its offering to make the app available to Android users. The Mega Millions jackpot, the official branding of the state lottery, reached $347m recently, with Jackpocket’s popularity growing since its launch.

Peter Sullivan, CEO and Founder, Jackpocket, commented: “With this launch, we're making mobile lottery play even more accessible for all New Jerseyans. Now, Android users can download the Jackpocket app through the Play Store for a simpler, more seamless experience.

“We are committed to continuously innovating the digital gaming space in a safe and meaningful way, and with the huge impact that this state has on lottery play, we're looking forward to everything we have planned for New Jersey and beyond. Jackpocket is poised for an incredible 2022 and Google Play access is only the beginning.”

Jackpocket, which puts customer safety at the heart of its operations, has seen players in 10 states claim over $100m in lottery prizes since its inception in December 2019. Between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021, the company saw lottery ticket orders through the app increase by 96%. 

Its popularity mirrors the growth of mobile gaming in New Jersey, with an individual winning $9.4m through Jackpot in October 2021, the largest mobile gaming win to date. 

The year ahead promises to be another positive year for the company, having recently received an online market access licence in New Jersey for its online casino product, in partnership with Caesars Interactive Entertainment New Jersey.