Deadbeat Dad Charged with Trying to Hide Casino Winnings
Deadbeat Dad Charged with Trying to Hide Casino Winnings
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(Michigan City, IN) - A Michigan City man has been accused of trying to prevent his gambling winnings from going toward back child support, as Lance Halderman, 44, is charged in La Porte Superior Court 4 with Level 6 felony Cheating at Gaming.

According to court documents, on March 22nd Halderman won just over $2,000 on a slot machine at the Blue Chip Casino. However, he had allegedly made arrangements for another man at the casino to collect his winnings and give him the money. In return, he’d give the man $100 and the money he would have to pay in taxes on the income to collect. 

Reportedly, Halderman knew his winnings would be garnished to pay down what he owed because of a previous seizure of his winnings at the casino for back child support.  That seizure occurred in June of last year when his child support balance was $2,218, authorities said.

Halderman could face an up to 30-month sentence.

The man who agreed to collect was not charged after he told authorities he didn’t know the arrangement was against the law and that he was just trying to help someone.