Why Providers Need to Copy NetEnt’s Licensed Slot Strategy

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Why Providers Need to Copy NetEnt’s Licensed Slot Strategy
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Harnessing intellectual properties for product creation has proven immensely profitable across various industries. One standout example is Sweden’s NetEnt, a pioneering gaming provider that now operates under the wing of live casino giant Evolution.

Established in 1996, NetEnt recognized the potential of partnering with massive entertainment franchises to enhance their casino software offerings. By securing licensing agreements with iconic movies, TV shows, and musicians, they have managed to captivate fans and players alike. The result? Branded slots that seamlessly blend captivating narratives, stunning visuals, and unforgettable soundtracks.

These IP-based online slots have become a game-changer, attracting not only gambling enthusiasts but also a broader audience, including casual gamers and devoted fans of the utilized IPs. The company’s approach expands market reach, leveraging the familiarity and excitement associated with beloved brands to set providers apart from competitors and gain a competitive edge.

Hence, the success of NetEnt demonstrates the profitability and untapped potential of utilizing intellectual properties in product creation. By tapping into the link (emotional or nostalgic) people have with established IPs, providers can mold experiences that foster customer loyalty, extend playtime, and ultimately boost revenue.

So, in the realm of Internet gambling, where competition is fierce, embracing the power of IPs in product development is a smart move, such as incorporating the hugely successful Street Fighter brand into a successful slot. By incorporating known assets into offerings, other providers can follow NetEnt’s lead, drive engagement, and fuel industry growth.

The Importance of Utilizing Known IP

Renowned IPs are the unsung hero that safeguards and monetizes creative masterpieces in today’s world. It has been so for almost the past two decades, as it encompasses intangible treasures like inventions, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. But why is IP so important?

Firstly, they inspire individuals/companies to pour their hearts and souls into groundbreaking ideas since they now know they will get rewarded with exclusive rights to their brainchildren, which they can sell to others for exploit for hefty sums, as many entities will compete to get access to their extensive fan bases.

Furthermore, IPs add a touch of brand recognition, acting as beacons that guide consumers to trusted services or products. When gamblers see a reel spinner featuring renowned actors or characters, they are more likely to try it, as they inherently see it as trustworthy and of a specific quality, given that it gets associated with something prevailing in pop culture.

By recognizing this significance and harnessing its power, game developers can mix famous IPs with creative dreams, turning this combo into a flourishing monetary reality.

What Are Some Successful NetEnt Branded Slots?

Without question, the top NetEnt branded slot, according to most, is Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, which is likely the highest-quality game from this renowned Swedish provider. It is a mirror copy of the legendary arcade game, which is something that only those above thirty can appreciate.

NetEnt also has a line of movie-theme games, including Creature from the Black Lagoon, Scarface, and Planet of the Apes. And the company has TV Show-inspired titles that online gamblers love, primarily Vikings and Narcos.

Providers That Can Pay Licensing Fees

Over one hundred providers are active in the slot landscape, but only a few have enough money to pay to create licensed slots. Some such companies are Pragmatic Play, Play’n GO, and Playtech.