Tanya Pisarchuk, 1spin4win: “We think our games are must-haves for every online casino”

Tanya Pisarchuk, 1spin4win: “We think our games are must-haves for every online casino”
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Tanya Pisarchuk, Sales Manager at 1spin4win, discusses the company’s strategic focus on classic online slots and its position in the competitive igaming market.

Exclusive interview.- Tanya Pisarchuk, sales manager at 1spin4win, spoke to Focus Gaming News about the company’s strategic focus and unique position in the rapidly growing igaming market.

Pisarchuk also shared insights on what distinguishes 1spin4win from its competitors, the current trends in slot games, and how the company ensures its offerings remain engaging and relevant to players and operators alike.

She also discussed the company’s expansion plans in emerging markets like Latin America and Africa and gave a glimpse into 1spin4win’s upcoming activities and new challenges in the latter half of the year.

1spi4win is a young and rapidly growing provider. How do you define your position in the igaming market, and what distinguishes you from competitors? 

For sure, the igaming market is getting really competitive. If you talk to any aggregator, they’ll tell you they have hundreds of game providers and thousands of games. With so much going on, we at 1spin4win want to stand out to both players and our B2B partners — aggregators and platforms.

Our strategy has always been to stick to what we know best. Instead of trying to offer every game type, we focus on one thing and do it really well: classic online slots. We keep our games simple and fun, with easy-to-understand mechanics and features that keep players coming back.

“Instead of trying to offer every game type, we focus on one thing and do it really well: classic online slots.”

Tanya Pisarchuk, sales manager at 1spin4win.

What types of slots are popular with players right now? How does 1spin4win stay on trend with its classic games?

Players are all different, just like people. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s why operators need a mix of games. They can’t just rely on one type, like only slots or only crash games. Operators know their players come from all sorts of backgrounds — different ages, genders, nationalities, and personalities. So, they aim to create a balanced portfolio of casual games, card games, classic slots, and others.

At 1spin4win, we think our games are must-haves for every online casino. They’re timeless classics that players will always love, no matter how the industry changes.

We’ve noticed that keeping players’ attention is getting harder. Speed is super important, especially when it comes to game loading times. Players are less patient now, and if a game takes too long to load, they’ll probably leave before it even starts. That’s why we design our games to be really lightweight, so they load quickly on any device.

Let’s also remember why players come to casinos: the chance to win and the gaming experience itself. At 1spin4win, our games are made by experienced players, so we know how to deliver both. Our games give players the chance to win big and enjoy the gaming process for as long as they want. We know how important this balance is to them.

“Our games are made by experienced players, so we know how to deliver both.”

Tanya Pisarchuk, sales manager at 1spin4win.

What do operators look for when adding new content providers, and what are their expectations from a game studio?

Operators are like player advocates. They work hard to make gaming fun and easy. That’s why, before we share our games with operators, we at 1spin4win look at data to see which games players in each region like the most.

We also work closely with operators, offering promotions, collaborations, and co-branded games. We see operators as our partners, and it’s our job to give them the best service and tools to showcase our games to players effectively.

The igaming industry is currently looking at the LatAm market with great optimism. In your opinion, is this optimism well-founded? How is 1spin4win performing in this region? Do you have any clients there?

This year, the 1spin4win team participated in the SiGMA Americas event in São Paulo. Our main goal was to learn about the LatAm market and make new partnerships. We think this region has a lot of potential. We’re already working there through aggregators and are planning our operations in Brazil, keeping an eye on the regulations.

Besides LatAm, we’re also looking at Africa. We see promising opportunities for our games there, too.

Tell us about 1spin4win’s plans for the second half of this year.

Well, we’re trying to keep up with our studio’s rapid growth by participating in various igaming events like SiGMA, iGB, and SBC. You can catch us at these exhibitions, where we connect with partners and showcase our games.

This year is special because we’re debuting with our own booth — a new challenge for 1spin4win. But as true samurais of the igaming industry, we’re ready for it. So, see you soon at the SBC Summit in Lisbon with a whole new setup!