New York Casinos: Setbacks and Delays in Online Gambling
New York Casinos: Setbacks and Delays in Online Gambling
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One Step Forward Two Steps Back 🥴

It looks like those downstate New York casinos are going to have to wait! Getting approval hit a big snag, which could also slow down online gambling in the whole state. New York was supposed to be a huge player in the online casino game, but this delay is throwing a wrench in the works.

Extended Timeline for Casino Licenses

Betting news reported that the deadline to apply for those three downstate licenses just got pushed back almost a year. Initially planned for much sooner, applications are now due by June 27, 2025.

Why the delay? The committee in charge says it gives everyone more time for a fair shot. This includes a closer look at each proposal, a chance for communities to weigh in, and ensuring local rules are followed.

Once applicants submit their applications, they must collaborate with local elected officials. Then, they can move on to the New York State Racing and Gaming Commission for final approval. The Location Board will decide by December 1, 2025, and licenses are expected to be awarded by December 31, 2025.

New York casinos : Opposition and Concerns

Not everyone’s happy about the wait for those New York casino licenses. Some companies and lawmakers want things to move faster. Back in May, they even proposed a bill to set the deadline for applications at August 31st, 2024. Their idea? Get the ball rolling quicker and see those economic benefits sooner.

Now, it’s in Governor Kathy Hochul‘s court. While she isn’t directly involved in picking the
casinos, her signature is the next step. If she vetoes the bill (says no), lawmakers might try to overrule her, but that’s a maybe since they’re both Democrats.

This wait for casino licenses might also slow down online gambling laws in New York. Lawmakers are holding off on decisions about online casinos until they figure out who gets the new brick-and-mortar licenses.

Here’s the twist: even though these physical casinos wouldn’t directly tie to online gambling, the companies that win those licenses would probably want a piece of the online betting action too.

New York can learn from its online sports betting experience. Even with high taxes and a strict application process, the state has become the top earner in sports betting since launching in 2022! If online casinos follow this pattern, New York could rule the online gambling world, bringing in tons of cash and creating new jobs.

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