Indiana Online Casino Could Make $2 Billion in Three Years

Indiana Online Casino Could Make $2 Billion in Three Years
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  • Indiana could generate about $2 billion in revenue over three years if it expands igaming, according to Spectrum Gaming Group.
  • The legalization of online casino and poker would have “little impact” on land-based casinos and could create numerous jobs.
  • Spectrum Gaming used data from six other states to make its predictions, using three different models.

Indiana stands to make about $2 billion in revenue during the first three years of expanded igaming, according to updated projections by Spectrum Gaming Group.

Legalizing online casino and poker would create jobs while having “little impact” upon the state’s land-based casinos, Spectrum said in a 114-page report, “Market and Policy Analysis: Prospective Internet Casino Gaming in Indiana,” released on December 28.

“With a mature casino industry and digital sports betting in place, Indiana is well positioned to integrate igaming with its existing responsible-gaming measures,” Spectrum said in the report, its second for the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC).

Despite the report, the chances that igaming legislation would be introduced in the Hoosier State in 2024 still appear slim, in the wake of a bribery scandal involving a former member of the legislature.

IGC first commissioned Spectrum in February 2022 to estimate how much online casino and poker could generate for the Hoosier State; that first report came out in July of that year and put its estimate at $469 million in year one, increasing to $830 million by year three. IGC asked Spectrum to update its findings last May.