Gaming Control Board takes action in first public meeting since 2020

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Gaming Control Board takes action in first public meeting since 2020
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Harrisburg, Pa. -The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (Board), in its first in-person public meeting since March 2020, approved actions related to the permitting of underage gambling at a casino and children left by parents unattended in vehicles in the parking lot of a casino.

In the first matter, the Board approved a $10,000 fine against Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc., operator of Parx Casino in Bucks County for permitting an 18-year-old to enter the gaming floor and gamble on slot machines. The terms of the fine were included in a consent agreement between the agency’s Office of Enforcement Counsel and the license holder, then approved by the Board.

The Gaming Act makes it unlawful for an individual under 21 years of age to enter and remain in any area of a licensed facility where slot machines are operated or the play of table games is conducted, and to wager, play or attempt to play a slot machine or table game at a licensed facility.

The Board was also presented today with three cases involving unattended kids left in cars parked in a parking garage or a surface parking lot at a casino in Pennsylvania. In each case, the parent or guardian left a young child or children with no adult supervision so they could go into a casino to gamble on slots, gamble at a table game, buy or redeem a sports bet, or meet up with acquaintances who are gambling.

In each instance, the Board termed this behavior “irresponsible”, resulting in the approval of the placement of three offending adults on the PGCB’s Involuntary Exclusion List that prohibits individuals from entering and gambling at all Pennsylvania casinos. Additionally, offenders may also face criminal prosecution for endangering the welfare of a child or children.

Since 2011, 129 individuals have been placed on the Involuntary Exclusion list for this type of incident.


  • One parent was involuntarily excluded for leaving his 11-year-old child in a vehicle in the parking lot of a casino so that he could go inside to redeem a sportsbook ticket;
  • The parent of 8- and 5-year-old boys was involuntarily excluded after leaving them in his vehicle to place a bet at the casino sportsbook and play at a craps table; and,
  •  A third individual was placed on the Involuntary Exclusion List for leaving four children aged 13, 13, 10 and 2 in her vehicle so she could enter the casino to watch an acquaintance play at a craps table.

In making these decisions regarding the three adults, the Board is reminding the gambling public to not leave children unattended in the parking lot or garage, a hotel, or other venue at a casino, not only because of the possible exclusion from all Pennsylvania casinos and prosecution, but more importantly due to the possible safety hazard to the child.

The next meeting of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is scheduled for 10 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 10 in the PGCB’s Public Hearing Room located on the second floor of the Strawberry Square Complex in Harrisburg.