A Glimpse into the Future of iGaming in Estonia

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The gaming industry in Estonia and beyond is witnessing massive changes as technological innovation sweeps through many sectors. The Northern European nation is expecting considerable improvements in its iGaming niche and the economic projections that the development will bring.

Casinos Embrace the Digital Era

The transition from regular offline (or physical) casinos to digital casinos has shown a huge evolution in the gaming niche. Currently, the online gaming area hosts many casinos, which has raised eyebrows on how this move will affect the revenue of physical casinos.

Development in digital casinos is an indicator of the wind of change blowing through the iGaming sector. If you want to try electronic casinos, you can find the best of them on the Internet. There are many portals like eestikasiinod.info where you can find licensed online casinos that also use new technologies, including digital ones. Do research yourself right after reading our guide.

Mobile Gaming's Increasing Popularity

In connection with the online shift, mobile casino gaming is becoming increasingly popular. Online casinos offering mobile-friendly platforms witness a rapid surge in players. 

- Accessible Convenience. The rise of mobile gaming aligns with the convenience of accessing casino games through smartphones.

- Growing User Base. The availability of mobile-friendly platforms attracts a broader audience to the iGaming sector.

Smartphones have once again proven to be the game changer, allowing players to enjoy online gaming with just an internet connection as the missing piece of the puzzle.

Cryptocurrency Integration

Cryptocurrencies, which were usually known to be a tool for tech enthusiasts, are gaining traction in the iGaming space. This marks the sector's inclination towards technological innovation. 

Payments are made with cryptocurrencies in some online gaming platforms, and it’s expected to continue as the web3 space expands. This change also means that players experience something new —enjoying the security and benefits of making payments with crypto instead of using regular banknotes or banking transfers.

Accepting the use of crypto in iGaming is more than just a financial development, but is a sign that the ecosystem is adjusting to modern technologies.

Live Casino Games Enduring Attraction

Live casino games, blending online convenience with the excitement of land-based experiences, remain highly popular. 

- Interactive Engagement. The attractiveness of live casino games lies in their interactive nature, providing players with an engaging experience.

- Player Preference. The sustained preference for live casino games signifies their unique appeal within the iGaming industry.

The interactive nature of these games, allowing players to engage with dealers and fellow participants, contributes to their sustained popularity and shows aspects of traditional casino gaming that cannot be replaced easily.

Picture of a brick-and-mortar casino in Estonia —Olympic Park Casino

Artificial Intelligence Improving Player Experience

The controversial adoption of artificial intelligence in the iGaming sector promises an improved user experience. 

- Automated Customer Interaction. Through automated chatbots, AI facilitates better customer service and personalizes gaming experiences.

- Enhanced Security Measures. Artificial intelligence contributes to heightened security, actively identifying and preventing potential risks.

As the iGaming industry adjusts to incorporating AI, it tries to strike a balance between the technological applications and the potential implications for user experiences and security.

Virtual Reality's Emerging Role

While some casinos offer players a chance to be part of a virtual environment, the gaming industry is still experimenting with VR and augmented reality games. The gaming industry continues to experiment with VR and augmented reality, smoothening the way for potential advancements. While the promise of VR in iGaming is tempting, industry players struggle with the practicality and feasibility of integrating this technology on a wider scale.

Streaming Beyond Twitch

With Twitch implementing restrictions on unlicensed gambling streams, the iGaming streaming space is shifting. 

- Regulatory Responses. Twitch's restrictions are a regulatory response to unlicensed gambling streams, ensuring safer online environments.

- Collaborative Endeavors. Streamers in Estonia are collaborating with local online casinos, signaling a move away from Twitch and exploring alternative platforms. 

The ban on unlicensed gambling streams prompts a migration to alternative platforms, reshaping the iGaming streaming space.

Opening Emerging Markets

The iGaming sector observes the emergence of new markets globally, driven by legislative changes. Anticipated revenue doubling in the next seven years speaks a lot about the industry's constant evolution, fueled by ongoing technology and legislative adjustments.

- Global Market Expansion. New markets are emerging globally, propelled by legislative shifts contributing to the iGaming sector's global expansion.

- Anticipated Growth. The projected doubling of revenue signifies the industry's confidence in sustained growth and evolution.

The iGaming industry’s drive into emerging markets signifies a strategic move towards diversification and expansion. 


Whether through cryptocurrency integration, AI enhancements, or the exploration of emerging markets, the future of iGaming promises continuous growth and innovation, captivating players both in Estonia and worldwide. As the industry embraces change, the attractiveness of online casinos persists, offering endless possibilities in the gaming landscape.