Top 5 Interesting Facts about Online Gambling Market

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Top 5 Interesting Facts about Online Gambling Market
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The growth of the eGaming market in 2021 was attributed to the COVID pandemic. Land-based casinos have taken a beating since then. South African punters deserve a gaming site with the best offers. Here are the top five interesting facts about online casinos today.

The online gambling market has expanded thanks to the establishment of new online casinos in 2022. Online gambling entities remained afloat even at the height of the pandemic because they were vital sources of entertainment.

Cryptocurrencies are the go-to banking method in online casinos. The use of cryptocurrencies reduces the risks associated with internet banking. Transactions are anonymous. Bitcoin is expected to rebound in the next few months. has a list of interesting facts about the online gambling market.

The majority of online gamblers are aged between 30 and 40 years old. Blackjack is the game with the widest market share in online casinos. It is premised on the fact that it is a game of skills rather than chance.

AI Enhances Efficiency and Security in Online Gambling Market. Online gambling industry triggers a security concern. Use of Artificial intelligence to identify potential fraud and secure banking systems has become more urgent.

The eGaming industry is here to stay, even in the unforeseeable future. New inventions such as Augmented Reality that now make it fun to play games online mean even new online casinos South Africa have no option but to embrace the change.