The First Fully Decentralized Casino

Author: Live Casino Direct
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EarnBet is the world's first fully-decentralized casino. It offers a series of games that are recorded on the blockchain network.

To ensure an exciting and profitable gambling experience, EarnBet has contracted the services of professional game developers.

EarnBet offers a dice game that is provably fair and audited for fairness by a blockchain professional. The starting house edge is 1.5%, but it can be reduced to 0. 5% by staking BET tokens.

The First Fully Decentralized Casino. Blackjack lovers will surely enjoy EarnBet’s game. It features the casino's lowest house edge.

The First Fully Decentralized Casino offers a stylish and enjoyable gameplay interface.

Crash is a next-gen game in which players bet against a time-based monetary multiplier. The key is to cash out and stop the exponential curve before it crashes.

The First Fully Decentralized Casino, HILO, and VIP Members Club are available on VIP members get exclusive perks, such as exclusive VIP-Only giveaways, insights on next updates, priority support and priority voting rights on future updates.

The First Fully Decentralized Casino offers a welcome bonus and a jackpot bonus. New users are given a $50 worth in BTC when making a deposit above $100.

EarnBet supports cryptocurrencies exclusively. Users can deposit and withdraw over 13 different coins.

BET tokens are attributed every time you place a wager and can be staked to obtain dividend payouts. EarnBet has a profit-sharing philosophy. The casino’s profits are distributed to players based on their number of staking BET tokens.

The First Fully Decentralized Casino is EarnBet. Customers can access great games, crypto-based payments, a generous welcome bonus, as well as a reduced house edge and profitable dividend payouts.