Springbok Casino is Great for Mobile Betting

Author: Live Casino Direct
Springbok Casino is Great for Mobile Betting
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The increased penetration of cell phones on the African continent led to the higher popularity of both mobile gaming and gambling. The demand for mobile betting is higher than ever. Operators like Springbok casino are trying to provide the players with exciting promotions and offers.

By 2025, 84% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa will have a cell phone. Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal are some of countries with the highest use of mobile devices.

The global smartphone gaming market will rise above the revenue of $116 billion by 2024. Africa is the only area in the world where the young population is expected to grow. There is a potential customer base of at least 200 million players.

Springbok Casino is a great option for mobile gambling in South Africa. The website is responsive and offers a wide variety of games. There are many benefits to choosing the company, including its system being secured with SSL encryption, outstanding gaming collection from RTG, convenient banking, availability in African languages and English, excellent customer support, and many more.

There is an increased demand for mobile gaming and gambling due to the increased penetration of cellular devices.

There are 91% cell phone penetration rate in Kenya. 79% of basic phone users and 88% smartphone owners used their phones to send or receive money. Kenya and Nigeria have the same proportion of gamers that pay for the games they play. Kenyans are great fans of gambling and the country holds 30 land-based casino venues.

80% of South African population owns a smartphone. There are currently 24 million gamers in South Africa. The proportion of users that pay for the games they play is the highest in the region. In 2021, South Africans spent $290 million within the market.

Information and Communications Technology sector in Nigeria grew from 1% in 2017 to 9.7% the following year. Digital telecommunications sub-sector contributed 7.4% to Nigeria’s GDP in 2018. 44% of Nigeria's consumers use 3G technology, 4% use 4G. 23% engage in gaming using their phones, 32% pay real money for that. Africa is heading towards an exciting future for fans of online gambling.