New casino aggregator OnlineCasino365 New Zealand

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New casino aggregator OnlineCasino365 New Zealand
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In June 2023, Dopamine Gaming, a leading iGaming tech company, launched the New Zealand-facing internet casino review site OnlineCasino365 in an attempt to provide the island country’s players with useful information about web-based gambling possibilities. The platform’s objective is to identify any issues in the New Zealand market and respond to player’s needs, many of which it believes are being overlooked in the majority of similar pursuits.

The company is also responsible for the popular UK brand KingCasinoBonus, an informational service committed to helping players find the best online casino for them in the UK iGaming space while providing trustworthy experience-based reviews as valuable resources. Dopamine Gaming has successfully operated the review site since its launch in 2016.

New Zealand Player Benefits

Along with the expansion into New Zealand’s gambling market, Dopamine Gaming brings with it new opportunities for players. The purpose of is to provide players with a go-to source that can help them fulfill their online gaming requirements, which continue to develop as web-based gambling changes worldwide.

This most recent project, OnlineCasinos365, brings with it benefits such as evaluating game fairness of the online casinos that are recommended and recognizing the need for mobile optimization of the virtual casinos in its reviews. Moreover, the new platform is in direct response to “Kiwis'” demands for intuitive platforms, especially those promoting more secure and faster gambling transactions, as well as those that provide innovative games.

Player experience is prioritized at OnlineCasinos365, which means New Zealand users have continuing access to a website that is well-designed and that not only provides helpful advice but interesting content as well. Quick links on the website can be used by players to easily access loyalty programs, game types, and preferred casino or promotion categories.

Comprehensive Guide

The goal is to become the leading safe and complete source for Kiwis who have a hard time finding secure and tested online casinos and bonuses that have been vetted by experts. In realizing that goal, Dopamine will bring the same commitment to fairness, accuracy and transparency that it has realized for seven-plus years in the UK, to New Zealand. In addition to enlightening and objective casino reviews and casino promotions, this new project offers guidance from experts on both gambling and strategy, along with industry insights, some of which have never been shared so openly.

Helping gamblers make informed decisions about which online casinos to trust, goes a long way in delivering excellence and empowering players’ control and safety. Over the years, the company has gained considerable experience in doing so by listening to players and incorporating that feedback into its stringent selection processes.

Dopamine Gaming CEO

Announcing the launch, Dopamine Gaming Chief Executive Officer Ionut Catalin Marin said at the time

“We hope that ‘OnlineCasinos365’ spreads out its fresh approach to gaming in New Zealand. Every expert we involve in our project works tirelessly to provide gamers with creative gambling solutions, completely free guidance, and permanent assistance. We want to collectively create new and much more beneficial standards for the industry, empowering players to only make educated decisions in regard to their money and time while still enjoying a secure and responsible gaming environment. We are about to begin a fantastic journey together.”

The CEO and founder is responsible for the platform establishing itself as the leading independent online casino review site in New Zealand. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the inner workings of the industry and staying true to core values – integrity, safety, independence and player control – the company has successfully maintained growth while making a positive impact.

Responsible Gambling

With its clear-cut design and user-friendly interface, OnlineCasinos365 makes navigating and browsing bonus reviews, expert insights, in-depth casino reviews and more, painless for New Zealanders. And, just like the company’s time-tested KinngCasinoBonus project, Kiwis are provided with continued support and can choose to filter the loyalty programs and promotions that are best suited for them.

All of the experts at understand how important responsible gambling is. They do their best to ensure that casino operators have taken critical security measures, including age verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, and only work with reputable developers, to ensure a safe and secure gambling environment for every user.

Designed to be intuitive and responsive, is user-focused. It is intent on making quick work of obtaining critical information and helping gamblers find their best casino and what’s best for their money.