Laws, scandals, and taxes: the future of gambling in Brazil

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Laws, scandals, and taxes: the future of gambling in Brazil
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Gambling and online casino games have recently been thrust into the spotlight of Brazilian news, particularly after a feature on a game called Crash, owned by digital casino platform Blaze, aired on national television in mid-December.

Several influencers — from Z-list former Big Brother contestants to world-famous footballer Neymar — were hired to promote the game, which essentially involves placing bets on a flying airplane. If the plane crashes, the bet is lost; if it does not, the player wins a certain amount of cash, depending on how much was previously wagered.

The case attracted media attention not only because of the game’s newfound popularity in Brazil, but also because of several allegations of fraud on the part of the platform, such as users who complained that they were unable to withdraw their winnings after Blaze used false arguments to withhold their money, claiming that the game had been used by people under the age of 18. And most importantly, betting is largely prohibited in Brazil. 

Several online betting companies are entering the Brazilian market, spurred on by the now-completed process to legalize fixed-odds sports betting in the country. In December, both the Senate and the House approved a bill allowing...