JustBit Redefining Online Casino and Gambling With VIP Like Features

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JustBit Redefining Online Casino and Gambling With VIP Like Features
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Online casino games have proven themselves a far better option to eliminate the threats and potential issues in gambling in general. In search of a gaming platform to provide you never-before gaming experience, one might find a variety of options. JustBit is also a platform which also intends to provide the best user experience for crypto gambling and many other gaming options. 

JustiBit is a fully-licensed gaming platform from Dutch Caribbean island country, Curacao. Established in the year 2021, the platform provides a significant number of games ensuring no thirst of merriment un-quenched. It covers a huge range of payment options in both fiat and cryptocurrencies for winning rewards. The platform providing up to 45% cashback to users places itself as a lavish option among others. 

JustBit offers over 3000 games providing multiple options across online casino and gambling. From Live Casino, Slots, Table games, Instant games to Jackpots, it offers everything for all. Live Casino on JustBit allows users to take part in live online gambling on the go. Table games are full of popular options like Super7 Blackjack to American Roulette. 

Plinko, Spaceman and Minesweeper like Instant games are also readily available on JustBit. While Big Bucks Bandits Megaways, Gold Rush and Fire Strike 2 like many more options are provided in Jackpots option over the platform. 

One of the talked about features over JustBit’s online gaming platform is its VIP program. It further gets broader with the Active loyalty program and the Rakeback system. 

JustBit’s VIP program as it explains is a private club which provides users a “place where the dreams and desires” of players on the platform. Such incentive programs elevate the experience where gamers can even benefit with such earning programs. 

The Rakeback within the VIP program potentially minimizes the “house edge” issue, which is commonly known issues within casino and gambling games. House edge is primarily a situation where a casino holds the advantage in a gambling game. This makes the venue an assured percentage of revenue and the user’s assured percentage loss on bet. Lowering the house edge across all of its casino games, JustBit provides a fair chance to users on their wager. 

VIP players program also provides a Rakeback return of upto 15% depending upon the VIP level of player. 

The game has a not so sophisticated ranking system which distinguishes players on the basis of their expertise in the game. These levels start from Explorer for new ones, followed by Expert level, then leads to Master, Elite and then enters a Legend level. Holding each of these ranks according to the caliber of users developing with playing the game over time. 

Payment methods over JustBit’s platform are also commendable as it provides every possible way of payment. This includes a number of fiat currencies across countries including Euro (EUR), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), and a plenty of others. In addition, it also provides crypto payments as an alternative including popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and many more. 

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