Illinois iLottery winner didn’t believe he won the jackpot

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Illinois iLottery winner didn’t believe he won the jackpot
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CHICAGO (WMBD) — A lucky iLottery player recently hit the jackpot.

According to an Illinois Lottery news release, the winner won $986,932 playing Fast Play Twenty 20s on the Illinois Lottery app.

“I had just come in from walking the dog and was about to hit the hay when I decided to play a game on the Lottery app. That’s when – BOOM! – I won the jackpot,” said the lucky iLottery winner. “With this game, you find out right away if you win – but I didn’t believe it.”

They continued, “I took a screenshot to show my wife, and even she didn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I claimed the prize that we both realized it’s actually real. It was definitely a shock, but let’s face it, this is a very good shock.”

The Twenty 20s jackpot begins at $50,000 and grows with each ticket sold statewide until a winner is decided.

So far, over 567,000 winning tickets have been sold for the Twenty 20s game this year, netting Illinois Lottery players more than $32.5 million in prizes.

“I used to only buy lottery tickets when I’d stop for gas, but I like how convenient and fun it is to use the app. Plus, there’s no traffic,” joked the winner.

The winner already knows what they’re planning with the jackpot, saying, “We are planning a European vacation with our family!”

Those interested in buying Fast Play Twenty 20s tickets can purchase them in-store, online, or on the Illinois Lottery app.