IDVerse age verification endorsed by regulator as underage gambling crackdown spreads

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IDVerse age verification endorsed by regulator as underage gambling crackdown spreads
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A German regulator has endorsed biometric facial age estimation from IDVerse for restricting minors’ online access. The company says this is particularly important for the internet gambling industry, and the announcement coincides with a move to require age verification for online gambling in Argentina’s Mendoza Province.

Casinos have traditionally relied on physical security measures to control access to restricted areas. However, due to the large sums of money involved, they are now exploring biometric technology as a way to prevent theft and fraud.

The potential impact of biometrics on online gambling is particularly noteworthy. Since the United States Supreme Court’s 2018 decision allowing states to regulate online gambling individually, there has been a diverse range of responses across the country. Currently, six states permit online casinos, while 38 states and the District of Columbia have legalized online sports betting, Aware CRO Craig Herman notes in an editorial for International Security Journal. However, concerns regarding underage gambling are on the rise.

German regulator endorses IDVerse age verification

Germany’s Commission for Youth Media Protection (KJM), has approved IDVerse’s online age verification system, which prevents minors from accessing online gambling with either biometric facial age estimation or ID document checks.

This announcement comes after a Javelin Report revealed that 54 percent of households do not actively monitor their children’s online activities, increasing the risk of exposure to identity fraud. According to IDVerse,  KJM’s endorsement of its age verification tools is particularly crucial in environments where parental supervision is lacking, especially within the iGaming sector.

“Our system ensures that only the necessary information is shared and that data is securely handled and promptly deleted after verification. Together with KJM, we are dedicated to creating a safer online environment for children worldwide,” says Peter Violaris, head of global privacy at IDVerse.

Argentinian province proposes biometrics to restrict minors

Mendoza Member of Provincial Parliament Verónica Valverde has proposed a bill aimed at regulating online gaming for minors by implementing biometric authentication, reports Diario San Rafael. The primary objective is to restrict minors’ access to online gambling platforms.

Valverde argues that the existing legislation inadequately prevents minors from using adult credentials to log into online gambling, addressing the escalating concern of minors’ online gaming addiction in the region.

The bill is based on the principles outlined in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, specifically Article 31.

“The International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has a constitutional hierarchy in Argentina, establishes that states must guarantee all conditions so that the child can develop to their maximum potential,” says Verónica Valverde.

The successful implementation of this law at the provincial level could serve as a model for similar national legislation. As the next steps, the bill will be discussed in parliamentary committees.