How Kansino is becoming the leading iGaming brand The Netherlands

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iGaming has exploded in the Netherlands since the legalisation of online gambling in 2021. In a really short space of time, we saw a slew of online casinos open to great fanfare, and as with the saturated online casino and iGaming market in other countries, it was important for new companies to stand out from competitors and to offer something unique. This is where Kansino has stepped into the spotlight, promoting responsible gambling, a great array of games, and great customer service standards.

There is always a need to stand out from the crowd in any industry, but the online casino landscape is a very competitive one in every country. As it is still in its infancy in the Netherlands, it has given new online casinos a chance to start off on the right footing and to entice customers in a way that wouldn’t be possible if it was making a big brand change years down the line.

The plus points of Kansino

There are a few different ways in which Kansino is managing to stand out from the crowd. It is hard to make a mark and be genuinely unique in such a busy market. As an iGaming brand, Kansino has managed to make a positive mark in a few different ways.

No bonuses and promotions

The focus from Kansino is unique when compared to other online casinos in that it doesn’t have an aggressive approach to marketing and attempting to entice new and existing customers to play. You’ll often see big promotions and deposit deals being offered through online casinos and iGaming platforms. Kansino wants to provide customers with the best chance to win every single time. This is a different approach, offering high RTPs and fairness, rather than throwing promotions and bonus play at players in an attempt to keep them in place.

Responsible gambling

With the advent of legal online gambling, there was a worry about problematic gambling. Kansino decided to be proactive with its approach to this and designed its casino to be a safe space for players and to have a clear idea of what to look out for in terms of gambling addiction. CRUKS is cross-referenced, there are clear limits to game time and loss limits, and there are extra layers of protection for players aged between 18 and 23. As customer service agents know what to look out for with problematic gambling, the entire ethos from Kansino is one of respect and genuine care for its customers.

A fantastic selection of online casino games

You can look at all other aspects of an online casino, the customer support structure, the payment processes, and the ideals of responsible gambling, but in the end customers will only flock to a casino if they have fun playing the games available. Kansino has a staggering array of games available to play, over 2,500 in total and that number will continue to grow. There are some big jackpots to be won within that number, and the average RTP for all games stands at a generous 95.00% (which plays into the responsible gambling protocols mentioned above). Whether you are looking to have a jaunt on a fishing slot, head to ancient Egypt or enter the live casino to play live blackjack, there is something to suit all tastes.

Stakelogic branded tables

Not only does Kansino have a wide selection of online casino games and online slots, but they also now have a professional and entertaining live casino studio, partnering with Stakelogic to bring real-life, human croupiers to the tables and streamed directly to the customer at home. Players can see every move the dealer makes, whilst having the social interaction with the dealer and other players that closely recreates a real casino experience. There are even some Dutch-speaking live casino tables, offering a unique experience to Dutch gamblers.

Great customer service

A live chat function and telephone hotlines that are available 24 hours a day, makes for an exceptional customer service standard at Kansino. All customer service agents are highly trained to understand the mindset of the players, to have the ability to look out for signs of problem gambling, and to be there to speak whenever needed. This is a level of reliability that makes Kansino stand out from the crowd. Payment processes are dealt with through the fast and secure iDeal, which is commonplace in the Netherlands.

The future is bright for Kansino, with such a solid start to life as an online casino in the Netherlands in just a few short years. The foundations in place are strong, offering a fantastic and mouth-watering selection of online casino games, online slots, and a live casino option through the professional Stakelogic, there is something for everyone. As the market for online casino customers continues to grow, the ethos for responsible gambling, the great levels of customer service, and the secure payment processes utilising iDeal, will continue to entice customers and maintain high retention levels.