Funrize Casino Adds 3 New Games with the Bonus Buy Feature

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Funrize Casino Adds 3 New Games with the Bonus Buy Feature
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Why wait for the bonus feature when you can get it with every spin at Funrize?

Online sweepstakes casino players have yet another reason to get excited about Funrize. They’ve added three exciting new games to their collection — Elephant's Gold, Pompeii Gold, and Fortune Skulls. These games deliver fresh themes, engaging gameplay, and the highly sought-after Bonus Buy feature. The Bonus Buy is one of the best things going when it comes to sweepstakes casinos. However, after playing for just a few minutes, you’ll quickly see why.

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Elephant's Gold is a slot game that takes you on a trip through the rich and vibrant landscapes of India. The game’s design is inspired by Indian culture, featuring golden elephants as the central theme. It’s a lot of fun and definitely off of the beaten path of the other games in the market.

The visual aesthetics are nothing short of stunning, with intricate symbols of pots of gold, vibrant colors, and melodic background music that are the icing on the cake when it comes to the immersive experience.

Gameplay and Features

Elephant's Gold stands out for its straightforward gameplay. The game offers multiple paylines and various symbols that can lead to massive paydays. Here’s what you can expect with Elephant’s Gold—

  • Golden elephants. Landing three or more golden elephant coins on your screen can lead to massive payouts. The green elephant coins aren’t too bad either, but gold is where you want to set your sights.

  • 243 ways to win. Unlike most slot games with a limited number of paylines, Elephant's Gold boasts 243 ways to win, increasing your chances of hitting a winning combination with each spin. That’s more chances to get elephant or even jackpot coins. The RTP for this game is 96.16%, which isn’t too bad.

  • Special features. The game includes wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds, all designed to kick up your chances of winning.

One of the most exciting aspects of Elephant's Gold is the Bonus Buy feature. This allows players to purchase bonus rounds directly, bypassing the need to wait for them to be triggered naturally. It's a great way to jump straight into the most thrilling and highest-paying parts of the game.

Pompeii Gold

Pompeii Gold transports players back to the ancient city of Pompeii, with its rich history and dramatic landscapes. This slot game is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat with its rapid link bonus features and a theme that evokes the fiery fate of the historical city.

While you might try this game out for its rich history, we think you’ll stick around for all of the bonuses and payouts that this game delivers. 

Gameplay and Features

Easily one of the most fun games we’ve played at Funrize, Pompeii Gold is packed with features that make it a must-play slot. Here’s what we love the most about this game—

  • Rapid link bonus. This feature can be activated by landing four or more spheres on the reels. That sounds like a tall order, but it’s not. We got a few during our testing. This offers players the chance to win big with rapid link bonuses.

  • Free games. Triggered by landing three bonus symbols. These are a bit more difficult, but not impossible. The best part about free games is that they can really boost your winnings.

  • 50 paylines. With 50 paylines, there are plenty of opportunities to create winning combinations. Sure, it’s not as many as Elephant’s Gold, but it’s still a lot.

  • Wilds and substitutes. Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except spheres and bonus symbols. This helps to create winning combinations more easily. You’ll be amazed at how many wilds you can get out of just a handful of spins.

The Bonus Buy feature in Pompeii Gold allows players to purchase access to the free games and rapid link bonuses with the click of a button. That’s where you’ll find the game’s most lucrative rewards. This feature is perfect for those who enjoy high-stakes gaming and want to maximize their chances of hitting significant wins.

Fortune Skulls

For gamers who love a good mystery, Fortune Skulls is the perfect slot game. Themed around ancient skulls and hidden treasures in the wild west, this game offers an adrenaline-pumping experience with massive bonus potential. And we all love a good bonus, right?

The symbols, animations, and sound effects in Fortune Skulls all contribute to creating a mysterious and captivating atmosphere.

Gameplay and Features

We fell in love with this game, and we think you will, too. Fortune Skulls is designed to keep players engaged with its multiway pay structure and high volatility, both of which are a bit difficult to find in other games. Here are a few reasons we’re big fans of this game—:

  • Multiway pay structure. This feature allows for numerous winning combinations across the reels with each spin, increasing the chances of landing a win. Sure, you can find other games with this same pay structure, but very few deliver the bonuses this one does.

  • High volatility. The higher volatility means that while wins may be less frequent, they are often bigger when they do occur. You’ll quickly find out that you might not hit a winning combo as often, but when you do, the coins keep rolling in.

  • Huge bonuses. This just goes with the territory of a high-volatility game. The game includes free spins and multipliers that can really boost your winnings.

The Bonus Buy feature in Fortune Skulls is a game-changer. At least, that’s how we see it. It allows you to buy your way into the bonus rounds. This is where you can enjoy the game’s most exciting features. This is perfect for players who prefer an intense gaming experience and want to take advantage of the game’s bonus potential. It might take a few spins to get there, but be sure to click the bonus buy button when it appears.

Why the Bonus Buy Feature is a Game-Changer

The Bonus Buy feature is a recent innovation in online slot games. Of course, bonuses have been around forever, but this one is a bit different, and it has quickly gained popularity among players. Here’s why we think it’s such a big deal—

  • Instant access to bonuses. Instead of waiting for bonus rounds to trigger naturally, players can purchase them directly right from the main slot screen. This lets you be in control of the game.

  • Gaming experience. By allowing players to jump straight into the best action, the bonus buy feature lets you play how you want to play. 

  • Increased payouts. This is everyone’s favorite thing about the bonus buy feature. These bonus rounds often come with higher winning potential, including free spins, multipliers, special bonus games, and whatever else the developers can throw in there to make it exciting.

Start Playing These Games Now!

Funrize already has these 3 games in their library, so you can start playing them immediately. They’re all tons of fun right out of the box, but the bonus buy feature is what really sets them apart. Honestly, I think that’s what most of us love about these slot games is the bonuses. Since you have the opportunity to control when those bonuses come and go (to an extent), we recommend you give them a shot.