Blue Guru Games Launches St. Louis 1904 Slot Game!

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Blue Guru Games has recently introduced a fascinating new slot game called St. Louis 1904, which takes its inspiration from the chaotic and memorable events of the 1904 St. Louis Marathon. This slot game promises to provide players with an entertaining experience filled with quirky historical references and engaging gameplay mechanics.

A Marathon Like No Other

The 1904 St. Louis Marathon is remembered for its unprecedented and bizarre incidents, and Blue Guru Games has woven these extraordinary tales into the fabric of St. Louis 1904. The race was notorious for its disorganization and the multitude of unexpected challenges that participants faced. Some of the most notable occurrences include:

  • A runner who ingested so much dust that he experienced a stomach hemorrhage.
  • A competitor who ate rotten apples to stave off hunger, only to collapse later.
  • A participant was chased off the course by a pack of stray dogs.
  • A runner who arrived at the marathon wearing trousers, a shirt, and dress shoes instead of typical athletic gear.
  • The first runner to cross the finish line was later disqualified for having taken a car ride for 11 miles of the race.

Blue Guru Games has translated these historical oddities into a slot game that is both engaging and rich with features. St. Louis 1904 is designed to capture the unpredictable nature of the marathon, offering players a variety of bonus features and opportunities for big wins.

The game features Instant Money Medal Symbols and a Progressive Multiplier Bonus Games Bonus. Players can trigger Bonus Spins by landing three or more Scatter symbols on the reels. Additionally, during the base game, if two Scatters land, there is a second chance feature that can trigger additional spins.

Customizable Reel Modifiers

Before the Bonus Games begin, players have the option to select up to five Reel Modifiers, which can significantly enhance the gameplay. These modifiers include:

  • Additional Money Medal symbols
  • Extra Wild Collector symbols
  • Increased number of Car symbols
  • Rotten Apple symbols
  • Pack of Dogs symbols
  • Instant Multiplier boosts
  • Extra Bonus Spins

These modifiers not only add excitement but also allow players to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.

Wild Collector Symbols and Progressive Free Spins

The Wild Collector symbol is a key feature in this online slot. This symbol collects values from the Money Medal symbols, and all Wild Collector symbols are accumulated in the Progressive Bonus Spins Meter. Every fourth Wild Collector symbol retriggers the feature, providing players with more Bonus Games and a higher Multiplier, increasing their chances of winning.

For players who prefer to dive straight into the action, St. Louis 1904 offers a Buy the Bonus feature. This option allows players to purchase immediate access to the bonus rounds, similar to how Fred Lorz took a car ride for part of the marathon. This feature adds an element of flexibility and convenience to the gameplay.

St. Louis 1904 by Blue Guru Games stands out as a creative and immersive slot game that pays homage to one of history's most unusual marathons. With its blend of historical quirks and engaging gameplay features, it offers players a unique and entertaining gaming experience. Whether you're intrigued by the eccentricities of the 1904 St. Louis Marathon or simply looking for a fun and rewarding slot game, St. Louis 1904 promises a memorable journey on the dusty tracks of Missouri.

Kristian Hassall, Commercial Manager at Blue Guru Games, said: “St. Louis 1904 puts players at the centre of the craziest marathon to have ever been run. As the reels spin and the dust flies into the hot Missouri air, they must avoid the pitfalls the runners experienced back in the day to cross the line first. To give them a taste of just how unpredictable the race was, we have packed in plenty of bonus features that caused chaos but still deliver plenty of big win potential. So, lace up and see if you have what it takes to claim victor in St. Louis 1904.”

''Lace-up for the craziest marathon in history with St Louis 1904''